Membership is open to all individuals and institutions for an annual subscription of £17.50 (£25.00 for members living overseas).

The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Volumes: Members receive a free copy of each volume published during their membership, post free, at publication. They can also purchase back or additional copies at a reduced price – usually a reduction of one third of the retail price.
Events: There is an Annual Meeting with a lecture and exhibition.

How to join
Download the Membership Application Form to apply for membership.

New Members who pay by Bankers Order are offered £10 off a publication ordered in their first year of membership. Download and complete the Order Form and send with your membership form. A complete list of publications can found here or can be downloaded here.

Send completed form(s) to the CRS Secretary, Dr S Bendall, Emmanuel College, Cambridge CB2 3AP, with a cheque for £17.50 (or £25 for members overseas) made out to the Cambridgeshire Records Society or a completed bankers order.