10. Romilly's Cambridge Diary 1842-1847. Edited by M.E. Bury and J.D. Pickles

10. Romilly's Cambridge Diary 1842-1847. Edited by M.E. Bury and J.D. Pickles

Romilly, the University Registrary, wittily and vividly records the unreformed university, as well as providing fascinating vignettes of early Victorian society.

The diaries of Joseph Romilly (1791-1864), University Registrary 1832-61, have long been known as an invaluable source for nineteenth-century Cambridge.

A selection of passages for 1832-42, was published by the late J.P.T. Bury, and was warmly received. (This has been recently been republished by the C.U.P.) Dr. Bury had intended to take publication of the diaries down to December 1847; now, on the basis of his preliminary selection, his widow Mrs M.E. Bury and Dr J.D. Pickles have edited the diary for these years.

During 1842-47 the diaries continue to miss hardly a day. The life of an official of the unreformed university is vividly, often wittily, recorded. In addition they provide much that illumines the life of the town and early Victorian society generally. Romilly was admitted a pensioner of Trinity in 1808. In 1815 he became a Fellow and from 1840 one of the Seniority who, with the Master, ruled the College. The diaries are thus of particular interest to the history of the College.

Romilly’s Cambridge Diary 1848-1864, the final volume of selections has been published as Volume 14 in the Cambridgeshire Records Society Publication Series.

ISBN: 0 904 323 10 2 ; 978 0 904323 10 8

Published: 1984

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Introduction. Text with extensive footnotes. Index of places and subjects. Plan of Cambridge. 270pp. Softback.

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Bury, M.E. (Bury, P.T.)

Mrs M.E. Bury is a graduate of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. She became assistant private secretary to the Minister of Supply in 1942 and later librarian to the United Nations Preparatory Commission. She shared, and now continues, her late husband's interest in the Diaries.

The first selection of passages in Romilly's Cambridge Diaries for the years 1832-42, edited by P. T. Bury, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, was published in 1967 by Cambridge University Press.

Pickles, J.D.

Dr J .D. Pickles of Emmanuel College worked in the Cambridge University Registry. He has been Librarian of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society since 1975 and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.