15. OUT OF PRINT. Cambridgeshire Hearth Tax Returns, Michaelmas 1664. Edited by Nesta Evans. Published in association with the British Record Society

15. OUT OF PRINT. Cambridgeshire Hearth Tax Returns, Michaelmas 1664.  Edited by Nesta Evans.  Published in association with the British Record Society


Edited by Nesta Evans and Susan Rose.

A fundamental source for the economic and social history of the seventeenth century.

This is the first of the series of Hearth Tax volumes produced by the Roehampton Hearth Tax Centre and the British Record Society, in association with county record societies. Twenty volumes are projected. The volumes are provided with scholarly introductions complete with maps and tables so that the volumes can be of the greatest use to social and economic historians working on a national canvas as well as to the local historians of the counties concerned. When the mapping and analysis is completed, it will provide a bird's-eye view of the distribution and density of taxable population in England and Wales in the 1660's and 1670's. The introductions also stress that the Hearth Taxes throw light on the buildings about which they give such austere information. This series will therefore focus attention on housing as necessary evidence in interpreting the past.

These volumes will be useful for family historians. The Hearth Taxes and their indices are ideal for finding lost ancestors. The Roehampton Centre has had microfilm made of the Hearth Tax listings in the Public Record Office, and made copies of the relevant portions available to every appropriate local record office in the country.


ISBN: 0 904323 15 3 ; 978 0 904323 15 3

Published: 2001

Price: £ 0.00


Introduction, Maps and Appendices (113 pp.) Hearth tax (329 pp.) Index of personal names. Index of places. Index of Trade and Conditions. Index of Subjects. Published jointly by the British Records Society and the Cambridgeshire Records Society. Hardback

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Evans, Nesta

Nesta Evans is a well known local historian in East Anglia. She has been teaching local history for the Cambridge Board of Continuing Education for many years, and also teaches history for the Open University. As well as numerous articles she has written The East Anglian Linen Industry . She is General Editor of the British Record Society, and has edited two volumes for the Suffolk Records Society.

Rose, Susan

Susan Rose is primarily known as a naval historian of the fifteenth century. She published Naval Warfare in the West 1000-1500 in 2002. She also teaches computing for historians at the University of Surrey Roehampton. She has done all the work on the tables and statistical preparations for the maps in this volume, which were drawn by Michael Shand of the University of Glasgow. Dr Rose succeeds Professor Spufford in running the Roehampton Hearth Tax Centre.