The Cambridgeshire Committee for Scandalous Ministers 1644-45

The Cambridgeshire Committee for Scandalous Ministers 1644-45

Edited by Graham Hart

Between March 1644 and January 1645 a Committee appointed by Parliament sat in Cambridge to hear complaints, largely from parishioners, against 'scandalous' or 'malignant' ministers in the county. Twenty-nine ministers were accused and all were subsequently ejected from their livings. The Committee book, published here for the first time, is a unique source for the relationships and tensions within the parishes concerned. The testimony graphically illustrates the pressures which had built up within the Church at a parish level in the years before and during the first Civil War (1642-46).

The edition is provided with a scene-setting introduction on the national context of the Committee's work, and extensive additional information on each of the parishes and individuals concerned.

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Preface, abbrevtaions, notes and editorial conventions, introduction, The Book of the Cambridgeshire Committee, Appendix A: Notes on ministers, parishes and deponents, Appendix B: Membership of the Cambridgeshire Committee, Bibliography, Index : People, Index : Subjects. 164 pages ; Soft cover

Graham Hart

After retiring from a career in the civil service, Graham Hart obtained a PhD in history at the University of Essex. He continues his work on seventeenth-century Church history as an Honorary Research Fellow of the History Department, University of Kent.