Baker's New Map of the Town and University of Cambridge, 1830. A high quality facsimile of one of the most important maps of Cambridge, capturing a period of dramatic change shortly after the enclosure of the common fields.

Richard Baker‘s New Map of the University and Town of Cambridge, published in 1830, is an exact and very detailed snapshot of the topography of the city and its surroundings as they were in that year; it extends from Chesterton to Grantchester. Drawn on a large scale, about nine inches to a mile, it is one of the most accurate and beautiful examples of Victorian catography.

Baker claimed it was drawn from recent surveys, and Dr. Bendall’s detailed examination supports this – a building demolished in 1828’s (King’s provost’s lodge) is not there, buildings in the process of being constructed (St Johns, New Court) are there.

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Bendall, Sarah

Dr Sarah Bendall is the author of Maps, Land and Society. A history of Cambridgeshshire Estate Maps 1600-1836.