Cambridgeshire Committee for Scandalous Ministers 1644-45. This is a rich source of information about parish life, and the impact of national events during the Civil War. Published in June 2017.

Jonas Moore's Mapp of the Great Levell of the Fenns 1658 , with accompanying text by Frances Willmoth and Elizabeth Stazicker, was published in November 2016.

The Ely Coucher Book, 1259-50: The Bishop of Ely's manors in the Cambridgeshire fenland , edited by the late Professor Edward Miller and prepared for publication by Dr Susan Oosthuizen and Dr Frances Willmoth, was published in 2015.

The Returns for the 1851 Census of Religious Worship edited by David M Thompson, was published in May 2015.


Volumes in preparation

Early Officers Accounts of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1547 – 1552 Transcribed and edited by Adam Green. College life in the years just after the Reformation.

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Romilly’s Cambridge Diary We are offering our two volumes of selections from Romilly’s Cambridge Diary, which together cover the years 1842-1864, at a special price. These diaries are an important source for many aspects of the University and the Town in the mid nineteenth century at a time when the town was growing rapidly.
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