• Bendall, Sarah

    Dr Sarah Bendall is the author of Maps, Land and Society. A history of Cambridgeshshire Estate Maps 1600-1836.

  • Bourgeois II, E.J.

    Eugene Bourgeois. Professor of History at Southwest Texas State University.
    Reviews: Cambridgeshire Lieutenancy Letterbook 1595-1605 (1997)

    “We desperately need to discover all we can about the two chief topics here considered—local government and military organization in the Tudor-Stuart age…[the] edition will
    really be quite invaluable.” Sir Geoffrey Elton, Regius .

    “A thoughtful, worthwhile and valuable addition to the literature which discusses the military, county and government issues of the late 1590s in Elizabethan England…he guides the
    reader through the complicated web of patronage, compromise, consensus and conflict that characterizes the period…a valuable monograph on the late Elizabethan Cambridgeshire military, social, political and economic world with an extensive primary
    source document attached to it.” Dr. Richard Stewart, Director, History and Museums,
    Other publications:
    Ruling Elite of Cambridgeshire, England, 1520-1603 in 2003, based on the research for his Cambridge PhD 1988.

    Meeting the Demands of War: Late-Elizabethan Militia Management in Cambridgeshire, The Local Historian 26, no. 3 (August 1996): 130-416

    The Queen, a Bishop and a Peer: A Clash for Power in mid-Elizabethan Cambridgeshire.Sixteenth Century Journal 26, no. 1 (spring 1995): 3-15

    Mary Tudor’s Accession and Cambridgeshire: Political Allegiance and Religion. The Lamar Journal of the Humanities 21, no. 1 (spring 1995): 37-49

    The Tudor Army. Lord Lieutenant. Social Structure. Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. Wardship and the Court of Wards. in R. Fritze (ed.). The Historical Dictionary of Tudor England (Greenwood Press, 1991)

  • Brassley, Paul

    Paul Brassley is an agricultural economist. His research interests and publications are in agricultural history and economics and and also non-farm rural economics from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. He was a contributor to The Agrarian History of England and Wales volumes V and VII, and has served for many years on the executive of the Agricutural History Society.

  • Bury, M.E. (Bury, P.T.)

    Mrs M.E. Bury is a graduate of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. She became assistant private secretary to the Minister of Supply in 1942 and later librarian to the United Nations Preparatory Commission. She shared, and now continues, her late husband's interest in the Diaries.

    The first selection of passages in Romilly's Cambridge Diaries for the years 1832-42, edited by P. T. Bury, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, was published in 1967 by Cambridge UP.

  • Carter, Mary

    Mary Carter studied for her Ph.D. at the Department of English Local History at the University of Leicester. This volume is the fruit of many years' research into the history of St Ives.

  • Coleman, Clare

    Clare Coleman discovered English medieval history during an active retirement after a professional life spent in government service. Subsequently she embarked with great enthusiasm on a study of medieval Downham, publishing in 1984 Downham-in-the-Isle A Study in an Ecclesiastical Manor in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.Sadly her death in 1988 prevented her from seeing this volume in print, but her family and friends and hope it may serve as a fitting tribute to a remarkable person, warmly remembered.

  • Dymond, David

    David Dymond has for forty years lectured in local and regional history for the Institute of Continuing Education of the University of Cambridge. He was formerly editor of The Local Historian, and chairman of the British Association for Local History. Among his publications are Archaeology and History (1974), The Norfolk Landscape (1985), The Register of Thetford Priory (1955/6) and Researching and Writing History (1999).

  • Evans, Nesta

    Nesta Evans is a well known local historian in East Anglia. She has been teaching local history for the Cambridge Board of Continuing Education for many years, and also teaches history for the Open University. As well as numerous articles she has written The East Anglian Linen Industry . She is General Editor of the British Record Society, and has edited two volumes for the Suffolk Records Society.

  • Goodison, J. W.

    J.W. Goodison is a former Deputy Director and Keeper of the Department of Paintings and Drawings at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. He is part author of the Fitzwilliam Museum Catalogue of Paintings and author of Cambridge Portraits: the University Collection, a catalogue of portraits in the departments and libraries of the university, which was published in 1955

  • Graham Hart

    After retiring from a career in the civil service, Graham Hart obtained a PhD in history at the University of Essex. He continues his work on seventeenth-century Church history as an Honorary Research Fellow of the History Department, University of Kent.

  • Hall, Catherine P

    Catherine Hall, is a former Deputy Keeper of the University Archives. She was joint author of The Archives of Cambridge University (1962).

  • Holton-Krayenbuhl, Anne

    Anne Holton-Krayenbuhl is a part-time tutor at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. Her research on medieval Ely includes archaeological investigations in the buildings of the former priory, published in the Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and in the Archaeological Journal.

  • Kimball, Elisabeth G.

    Elisabeth G. Kimball did her PhD Serjeanty tenure in medieval England at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts She edited a number of medieval english documents including rolls of the fourteenth and fifteenth century justices of the peace for the counties of Bedford, Gloucester, Lincoln, Oxford, Shropshire, and Warwickshire., and the boroughs of Lincoln and Stamford

  • Knight, Frida

    Frida Knight (1910-1996) wrote mainly about music. She was herself a radical, having been active in the Spanish Civil War and the French resistance, and later in the peace movement. She also published The strange case of Thomas Walker; ten years in the life of a Manchester radical. With a foreword by G. D. H. Cole in 1957 University rebel: the life of William Frend (1757-1841) in 1971.

  • Miller, Professor Edward

    Professor Edward Miller (1915-2000) was regarded as an exceptional medieval historian both nationally and internationally throughout his professional academic life. He read history at St John's College, Cambridge and stayed on graduation as a Fellow there. After the Second World War he became a university lecturer and, from 1961, Warden of Madingley Hall. In 1965 he moved to Sheffield as Professor of Medieval History; he returned to Cambridge in 1971 as Master of Fitzwilliam College, where he remained for the next ten years. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1981.

  • Oosthuizen, Susan
  • Owen, Dorothy M. Owen

    Dorothy M. Owen (1920-2002) was an under-librarian at the Cambridge University Library where she was Archivist to the Bishop and Dean and Chapter of Ely and Keeper of the University Archives. She is well known for her archival catalogues and for her work on a variety of mainly medieval records and on the medieval church

  • Parsons , Kenneth A. C.

    Kenneth A. C. Parsons was a Senior Under-Librarian at the Cambridge University Library. He was the author of a number of publications on local non-conformist history and also guides to official publications.

  • Peter Searby

    Born in 1930, Peter Searby was educated in the universities of Liverpool and Warwick. From 1968 to 1994 he was a lecturer in the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College. He has written on British history in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, his largest work being volume 3 (1750–1870) in the four volume History of the University of Cambridge, published in 1997.

    In recent years he has been fascinated by the diaries compiled by civilians on the Home Front during the Second World War—the earliest epoch he can fully remember. After co-editing a Norfolk diary published in 2004, he turned to the present diary in 2005.

  • Pickles, J.P.

    Dr J .D. Pickles of Emmanuel College worked in the Cambridge University Registry. He has been Librarian of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society since 1975 and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

  • Ravensdale , Jack

    Jack Ravensdale was a Principal Lecturer in History, Homerton College, Cambridge. His publications on Cambridgeshire history included Liable to Floods: village landscape on the edge of the Fens 450-1850. (1974). History on Your Doorstep, (1982),
    See also our Volume 7.

  • Rose, Susan

    Susan Rose is primarily known as a naval historian of the fifteenth century. She published Naval Warfare in the West 1000-1500 in 2002. She also teaches computing for historians at the University of Surrey Roehampton. She has done all the work on the tables and statistical preparations for the maps in this volume, which were drawn by Michael Shand of the University of Glasgow. Dr Rose succeeds Professor Spufford in running the Roehampton Hearth Tax Centre.

  • Saunders, Philip

    Philip Saunders is Principal Archivist of the Cambridgeshire Archives Service. He was also a General Editor for the Cambridgeshire Records Society.

  • Stazicker, Elizabeth
  • Thompson, David M

    David M Thompson is Emeritus Professor of Church History in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College

  • Thurley, Dorothea

    Dorothea Thurley was a co-editor of the Index of the Probate Records of the Court of the Archdeacon of Ely, 1513-185, (published 1977).and the Index of the probate records of the Consistory Court of Ely, 1449-1858 (1994), both for the British Record Society.

  • Underwood, Malcolm

    Malcolm Underwood is a graduate of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, archivist of St. John’s College, and co-author of a biography of Lady Margaret Beaufort, its foundress

  • Willmoth, Frances