Bourgeois II, E.J.

Eugene Bourgeois. Professor of History at Southwest Texas State University.
Reviews: Cambridgeshire Lieutenancy Letterbook 1595-1605 (1997)

“We desperately need to discover all we can about the two chief topics here considered—local government and military organization in the Tudor-Stuart age…[the] edition will
really be quite invaluable.” Sir Geoffrey Elton, Regius .

“A thoughtful, worthwhile and valuable addition to the literature which discusses the military, county and government issues of the late 1590s in Elizabethan England…he guides the
reader through the complicated web of patronage, compromise, consensus and conflict that characterizes the period…a valuable monograph on the late Elizabethan Cambridgeshire military, social, political and economic world with an extensive primary
source document attached to it.” Dr. Richard Stewart, Director, History and Museums,
Other publications:
Ruling Elite of Cambridgeshire, England, 1520-1603 in 2003, based on the research for his Cambridge PhD 1988.

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